Baccarat Android Casinos

Baccarat is believed to have originated in Italy and to have spread to France in the 1400s before it made its way around the rest of the world. A fascinating game with many complexities, it is easy to understand why it has been such a favourite in land casinos for so long. It has proven to be just as popular in Android casinos, and we have reviewed all the best ones for you to play at right here. Before you start exploring and deciding where to play, take some time to read our basic guidelines on the game.

Rules of the game – Baccarat Android Casino

Of the three Baccarat versions, Punto Banco is the most common and a good place to start your playing journey. Two hands of two cards are dealt, one which is called the Player or Punto and one to the dealer who is called the Banker or Banco. The number cards from 2 to 9 carry their face value, the Ace has a value of 1 and the 10 and face cards carry a value of 0.

The values of both hands are tallied, with the 10 values being ignored. This means, for example, that a hand with a 7 and a 4 would be worth 1 and not 11. The range of hands is thus 0 to 9. Before the hands are dealt players bet on one of 3 possible outcomes; that the Banker wins, that the Player wins or that there is a tie.

If one of the hands has a total of 8 or 9 it wins the round and is called a Natural. A Player hand of 6 or 7 will stand, and a total of 0 to 5 causes a third card to be dealt. The rules governing a Dealer hand getting a third card are a little more complicated. It is determined not only by the total of the hand, but also whether or not the Player got a third card and what the Player’s third cards was. You will never be required to remember the intricacies of these involved rules, as they are always the responsibility of the Dealer. Most of the Android mobile casinos  that we review will actually deal third cards automatically whenever appropriate, and all you need to focus on is playing and winning.

If a player bets on a hand and wins, the payout is 1:1 with a 5% commission deduction in the case of a winning Banker hand. If they bet on a tie and win the return is a rewarding 8:1 payout.

Strategy of the game

The cards dealt in Baccarat can’t be controlled, which limits how much skill can be used. Game strategy is actually centred in shrewd wagering, rather than playing.

You should always base your bets on calculated odds, which are explained and detailed on the superb Australian Android casino sites reviewed here. A basic rule of thumb is to never bet on tie as the House edge on this is 14.1%. It’s also a bad idea to bet against a string of wins. After 3 wins you should wait until the run ends, or start betting with it.

Android brings the prestige home to all

Baccarat has long been held as the last word in sophisticated card play, and was first enjoyed by society’s elite. Today’s discerning baccarat android casino patrons of Australia can now enjoy this noble amusement at any time.